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Mihuis Hands Free Automatic 1L Soap Sanitizer Dispenser
Mihuis Hands Free Automatic 1L Soap Sanitizer Dispenser
Mihuis Hands Free Automatic 1L Soap Sanitizer Dispenser
Mihuis Hands Free Automatic 1L Soap Sanitizer Dispenser
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Mihuis Hands Free Automatic 1L Soap Sanitizer Dispenser

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Mihuis Hands Free Automatic 1L Soap Sanitizer Dispenser
Induction spray sterilizer / induction soap dispenser is an automatic spray sterilizer / soap dispenser using digital circuit control, infrared automatic induction and battery (not included) (or DC power supply) drive. It has the advantages of stable and reliable operation, strong resistance to light source interference, and sensitive induction; infrared sensor automatically sprays liquid, suitable for use of various disinfectants, potions / hand sanitizers; low-power drive circuit design makes the battery life longer For a long time, it is an ideal choice for public places.

Product features:

* Fully automatic induction -------- Avoid the spread of bacteria caused by contact.

* Full-automatic power-saving chip -------- more energy-saving, environmentally friendly and saving the use cost.

* More user-friendly design ----- easy to install, simple to use, long life.

* Battery life is super long, and can support AC / DC power supply(not included)

* Auto continuous spray function: When continuous induction, the sterilizer will spray once every 3 seconds and continuous spray 9 times, it will automatically stop, re-induction, and continue working.

Sterilizer / Drip
Material: ABS + electronic components
Rated voltage: DC 4 X 1.5V
Capacity: 1000ml
Sensing distance: 8cm ± 1cm / 3.15 ± 0.39in
Spray volume: 1ml / time
Size: 26x12.5x11cm / 10.24x4.92x4.33in
Power supply: 4 X C  Battery (1.5V) or EU plug (6V1A 5.5x2.1mm), (This product does not include batteries and adapters)

How to use:
1. Open the face shell.
2. Drill the installation hole in the installation position, insert the supplied rubber plug, and fasten the product to the installation position with the screws provided.
3. Pull out the battery cover in the direction of the arrow, insert 4 X C batteries (1.5V), and close the battery cover.
If you want to use a DC power supply, you don't need to install a battery. Just plug the DC power supply into a 220V power outlet and plug the other end into the DC connector inside the battery box.
4. Open the cap and pour the disinfectant / hand sanitizer into the bottle and close the cap. Large capacity 1000ml.
5. For the first use, press the pump head a few times with your hand to exhaust the air from the pump body.
6. It can be used normally when the upper case is closed. At this time, the indicator light is green, indicating that it is in working state.
7. During use, place your hand within 8cm/3.15in of the nozzle, and the machine will automatically spray the liquid once, about 1ml each time.
If the hand does not leave the sensing range, the sterilizer will dispense liquid every 3 seconds, and it will automatically stop after 9 consecutive times, and the indicator light will be red to warn.

1. There should be a 40cm/15.75in space under the machine, and do not install it in places exposed to strong sunlight and above strong reflective objects.
2. Prevent any object from blocking the outlet.
3. Keep the liquid inside the machine clean and free from other strip or block impurities.
4. Avoid direct exposure to the machine with water.
5. When disassembling, if there is liquid in the container, it is forbidden to lay the product flat to prevent the liquid from flowing out and soaking the motor and circuit board, causing damage.
The liquid must be poured out before it can be laid flat.

1 X Soap Dispenser
Screw Bag: 4 X Tapping Screws, 4 X 6mm/0.24in Rubber Plugs
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